New and Replacement Double Glazed Windows

Casement Windows

Safe and secure
The security of your home is one of your top priorities, we understand this all too well! All our casement windows are equipped with the most advanced, state-of-the-art technology, including multi-locking systems, locking handles, and more. What’s more, they also come with a full 10 year warranty – so that they will continue to help keep your home safe and secure for years to come. We will make sure that your casement windows are completely customised and tailored to meet your specific requirements. We also take care of the finishing touches too. You can thus choose from a range of accessories and fittings to complement and complete your new windows.

High Quality Windows
Casement windows are versatile, energy-efficient, and look great too. Our casement windows provide optimum quality, security and performance, and will achieve an understated, classic look in chic, modern or traditional homes.

Bespoke Finish
As with all of our products, our Liniar™ uPVC casement windows are completely tailored to the needs of you and your home. We have a host of options for you, with a variety of colours, finishes, and glazing options.

High Performance
Liniar™ uPVC casement windows are stronger than their timber alternatives and require minimal maintenance. You can also opt for multi-chambered uPVC frames, weather seals, and double glazing units, which will optimise both noise and heat insulation.

When it comes to selecting handles for your casement windows, there are a number of colours and finishes to choose from, to suit your personal preferences. Of course, all handles come complete with safe and secure locking systems.

Energy Efficient Windows

Save money on your heating bills with our ‘A’ rated energy efficient, PVC & Aluminium replacement windows. Our comprehensive product range will enhance and compliment your home while improving your family’s comfort and security.

Bay Windows

Bay windows
If you’re looking for a window that will make the most of the sunlight and space in your home, a bay window could be the perfect option. Bay windows are made up of a number of casement windows connected together in an arc, in order to form a bay.

Why Bay Windows?
Bay windows offer more light and create the feeling of extra space within your home, and allow you to make a strong style statement adding a focal point to any room.

Tilt & Turn Windows

Have you ever wished that you could enjoy the benefits of a large area of glass, ease of cleaning, and excellent ventilation? Well, now you can, with our tilt and turn windows. These open at the top for secure ventilation or fully open inwards for ease of cleaning or increased ventilation. HomeGuard’s innovative and contemporary design, means that our tilt and turn windows will complement any style of property, whilst keeping the heat in, and your energy bills low.

Sash Windows

Sash windows have long been associated with the character and charm of traditional, picturesque buildings. Historically they have also brought a whole host of problems, such as rattling and draughts. HomeGuard have the perfect solution with contemporary, double glazed uPVC sash windows that combine classic character with contemporary construction.

Tailor Made
Our expert consultants, surveyors, and craftsmen will tailor your new sash windows for a precise fit and finish. There are a range of styles, glazing options and accessories to make sure that your windows deliver exactly what your property deserves.

Safe and Secure
With their modern mechanisms and state-of-the-art security locks, you can rest assured that our sash windows are durable, reliable, and secure. The easy-to-move sashes slide up and down with a simple action and can be held open in any position by the in-built, counter-balancing mechanism. Energy Efficient. Both double glazed and fully sealed, our uPVC double glazed sash windows are impressively energy efficient and help protect your home against heat loss, which is great news for your energy bills.

User Friendly
With the tilt opening mechanism, these versatile windows can also be opened inwards on their side hinges allowing effortless cleaning without stepping foot outside your home. This means that they can also be used as an effective escape route in the event of a fire or emergency.