Our range of roofline products is built to stand the test of time and protect your property against the elements. When buying or selling a home, homeowners want rooflines that are low maintenance and make the right first impression. Our high quality, low maintenance range of fascias, soffits, and guttering help you look after your home for longer and with greater ease. Installed HomeGuard products mean that you spend less time looking after the exterior of your property and more time enjoying being inside it.

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Fascias & Soffits
These are the vertical and horizontal boards at the edge of your roof which prevent the weather getting into you roof space. (Gutters are usually attached to the Fascias) Fascias and soffits thus play an important part in fight against damp and roof decay. When it’s time to replace your fascias and soffits, you’ll want to have effective protection against the elements and protect against damp.

High Performance Fascias and Soffits
Our fascias and soffits are all made with an uPVC outer skin and are colour-fast, to help them look great for longer. This also means that they can be simply wiped clean and are virtually maintenance free. They also feature a hidden ventilation facility. This allows the timbers to breathe, preventing damp by preventing the air circulation without unsightly vents.

Expert Installation
When it comes to fascia replacement, expert installation is vital to ensure that your home is fully protected against damp. All of our installers are experienced, professional and reliable.

Your guttering and drainpipes are vital to your home’s well-being. With them doing the important job of protecting your home from damp, it is vital that your guttering and drainpipes are tough and durable. Our guttering and drainpipes are designed to be crack and rust proof to keep your roofline clear and problem-free.

Low Maintenance
Constructed from durable uPVC, our guttering products are extremely hard-wearing and will never rot, peel, or crack. When it comes to maintenance, they wipe clean and are thus, usefully for you, low maintenance.

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